Federal Premium 220 Swift 40 Grain Nosler Ballistic Tip, 20 Round Box, P220B

Manufacturer: Federal
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SKU: 10762-P220B
Manufacturer part number: P220B
The Vital in Vital-Shok stands not only for the result of impact on your target, but also to the vital importance of the having top quality ammunition. There has been a lot of innovation occurred since the .270 was brought to life in 1925. Find a long list of unique ideas made better by top quality bullets. Caliber: 220 Swift Bullet Type: Nosler Ballistic Tip Bullet Weight: 40 GR Muzzle Energy: 1605 ft lbs Muzzle Velocity: 4250 fps Rounds/box: 20 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
Product Specifications
Grains/Weight 40
Bullet Type Nosler Ballistic Tip
Muzzle Velocity 4250
Muzzle Energy 1605
Sold By Units
Rounds Per Box 20
Boxes Per Case 10