Federal 410 Gauge 3" 3/8 Ounce #6 Steel Shot Field and Range 25 Rds Box, 10 Boxes per Case FRS4136

Manufacturer: Federal
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SKU: 12332-FRS4136
Manufacturer part number: FRS4136
Shooters need an affordable steel option that will work on both clays and birds. These loads will give you the performance you need at a price you like. Target shooting, training and practice. Gauge: 410 Type: Steel Length: 3" Ounces: 3/8 oz Shot Size: 6 Muzzle Velocity: 1400 fps Rounds-box: 25 Rounds Per Box, 10 Boxes Per Case
Product Specifications
Shell Length 3
Shot Type/Size 6
Shot Material Steel
Shot Ounces 3/8
Shot Grains _
Pellet Count _
Muzzle Velocity 1400
Sold By Units
Rounds Per Box 25
Boxes Per Case 10